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We are Speech World!

We believe that with love and respect for children, but also a lot of play, we can help them unlock their potential.

With our rich therapeutic and educational material and our fully harmonized interdisciplinary & therapeutic team, we ensure the best possible outcome for children.

Our innovative and specially designed space offers a warm, friendly and pleasant atmosphere for both the adults and children who visit us, as well as for the specialized therapists. Our Center has modern, fully up-to-date and rich therapeutic and educational material which is constantly updated and expanded. All treatment areas are also equipped with tablets and laptops.


Our Philosophy

At Speechworld we want to always provide a high level of service, with an emphasis on efficiency as well as play.

For us, therapy is only effective when it is fun for everyone.

So the core values of all our therapists are:

* Teamwork

* Clear Communication

* Honesty and Honesty

* Excellence and Continuous search for the newest practices in their clinical practice

* Empathy

* Flexibility and Adaptability

* Positive Life Attitude

* First aid

Personalized treatment plan

We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to create the right program for your child's needs.

Your therapist will guide you and explain exactly the plan he has formulated, always based on the child's needs.

Because for us, every child is unique!

Kid Painting

Our cooperation process


Getting to know the child

In an appropriately designed and highly entertaining space,
we make sure that the child
feel comfortable both in the space and with the therapists. It is important to us that you feel safe and secure.


Review and play

In the therapeutic area there is
suitable equipment such as swings, hammocks, balls, mattresses, etc. which will provide the child with somatosensory stimuli to be evaluated by our therapists in free play.


Counseling with the parent

Your symbol is decisive,
since you know them better
child's reactions to
his everyday life.



The purpose of the intervention is for the child to improve his cognitive functions, such as memory,
concentration, perception and o
orientation. The are strengthened
motor skills, such as gross and fine motor skills, o
visual motor coordination and h



Each occupational therapy program is designed in such a way as to enhance the functionality of the child in his daily life, in
at home and at school. A variety of materials are used
(balls, beads, threads, beads, puzzles, etc.) and has a dynamic character, so it suits the child.


Next steps

Necessary condition for the
application of the personalized
occupational therapy program is the parallel provision of supportive assistance to parents (parent counseling) and cooperation with the educational framework. This ensures the best possible result.

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