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Taking an Exam

All of us at Speech World use the most up-to-date assessment & diagnosis methods

Athena Test

It is a diagnostic tool through which the level and pace of the child's development is identified in areas of development critical to school learning. It mainly concerns children ages 5 to 9.


It is a Learning Skills and Weakness Detection Software. It includes a series of exercises for the students, depending on the class they attend. Through these exercises, the level of the student's abilities in the areas of written and oral language is examined, as well as the areas in which he is weak are identified. The tests included in the LAMDA are in the form of games on the computer and concern areas such as spelling, comprehension of oral-written language, vocabulary, morphological processing, etc. This tool is suitable for children from 2nd Primary to 2nd High School.

Expressive Vocabulary Test

It is a useful tool for children aged 4 to 8 years, as it assesses an important part of the child's language development. This tool helps differentiate developmental language disorders from other disorders that may be caused by other factors.

Action Figures

This tool assesses two areas of language: morphosyntax (looking at the child's grammatical proficiency) and pragmatics (looking at the child's use of language to convey information). It is used in children aged 4 to 7 years.

Language Comprehension & Expression Test

It is a tool that assesses the language skills of the child who has difficulties in language development and communication.

It provides useful information to therapists for planning the treatment program.

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