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Parental counseling

We are here to support you as parents in your difficult task of helping your child overcome their difficulties, grow and mature.

Counseling is not a series of advice...
but discussion

A key role of parent counseling is that it focuses on raising parents' awareness and changing their attitudes within the family. The specialist psychologist-consultant, as an external observer, offers a different interpretation - look, to the parents and thus can open alternative ways of dealing with any problem. As the parents change, so does the child.

Parent counseling takes the form of individual meetings with a specialist and the child's parents (or guardian). Many times parent counseling takes place alongside the child's treatment.

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Contribute to your child's treatment

Parent counseling comes to support you as a parent in your difficult task of helping your child overcome his difficulties, develop and mature. You better understand the child and what can make it difficult for him emotionally and thus you get the appropriate resources to support him in a difficult phase, emphasizing other aspects of his personality and his life.

Children at the beginning of the intervention often have low self-esteem, which negatively affects both their relationships with others and their learning performance. In these cases, parents have the ability to decisively help them develop a more positive self-image.

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